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Connectors and Accessories

Replacing the connectors on your cables can offer a cost effective yet remarkable improvement to the quality of the sound from your system.

Whilst I have learnt and developed a great deal in my time one thing has never changed.  I am always most passionate about giving my customers the best possible sound quality from the product they have purchased from me, whatever the price.

It is very easy to overlook the differences connectors can make to the overall sound, but I always take the view that my products are only as good as the quality of product I use in them.  Therefore it is vital that the connectors match the quality of my cable as connectors are the direct link between cables and your equipment.

I guarantee that by using my connectors you will have a real positive impact to the quality of sound produced from your system.
GN Banana Plugs Straight Line Contact Banana Plugs
GN2 Banana Plugs Straight Line Contact RCA Plugs